Thursday, May 31, 2012


I guess I should begin with an introduction. As my profile states, I am a new grad from a university in Toronto. I specialized in art history, majored in history and minored in classics. I think it's quite safe to say that I have a thing for historical study! I have always loved art and history and, as an artist, it has always played an inspirational role. About three or four years ago I decided to pursue an academic career. I have spent about two years researching various schools and professors I would enjoy studying with. Undoubdtedly, this has led to schools outside of Ontario and Canada. I have been accepted and have accepted an offer from a university in Europe. Naturally, I am quite nervous and excited. I have never been anywhere! My first trip and flight was last summer and I have only ever spent two days away from home. I have no idea what to expect and don't know where to start to research. I guess I should confess that I always ease my anxious nerves by researching or reading up on whatever is causing my anxiety. I have no idea what book to read or website to look at. As a result, I thought I'd start this blog to document everything that happens from now until September. Maybe readers can comment with some advice or personal stories! I guess that's everything for now.